Birth Control Jewelry Is On The Horizon

April 10, 2019 0 Comment

There are plenty of contraception options that many people who are trying to avoid pregnancy are utilizing such as birth control pills, condoms which are male and female, IUD’s, Depo-Provera, diaphragms and some even go to the extreme by sterilizing themselves by getting a tubal ligation or a vasectomy. And, many women have a hard time with going on the pill whether it is due to having a strong reaction due to the changes in hormones or having to worry about forgetting to take the pill on time. And, at the same time, many people are hesitant to permanently sterilize themselves because oce you are sterilized, then you cannot go back. Well, actually, tubal reversals can work but it is expensive and there is a great chance that it won’t work.


That means there is going to be plenty of disappointment as well as plenty of lost money. This is why this form of birth control is extreme. However, the good news is that thanks to medical technology and technology in general that is constantly evolving, there are new methods of birth control as well on the horizon. And one of those new methods is birth control jewelry that only needs to be changed once a week! This sounds like a dream come true for many people because you don’t have to worry about having to remember to take any pills at certain times of the day. You also don’t have to worry about condoms tearing, IUD’s falling out, or waiting for potentially a year and a half to get pregnant if you change your mind after coming off other forms of birth control such as the Depo shot.


However, before you get too excited, this form of contraception is so new that it is still in its research stage as it is extremely early. You now may be wondering how this even works. There are 3 different layers with the jewelry. The first layer sticks to the jewelry which is an adhesive, and the second layer is the critical one with the contraceptive part. And, the third layer is both an adhesive that sticks to your skin as well as has a property that allows the hormone to be absorbed properly as well. And you may think this technology is brand new and even though it was just said that it is in its research stage at this time but this technology actually has been around for a while. The patch has been a thing for a long time, and in essence, this is what this form of contraceptive is. It is a patch that serves the same purpose but the difference is that it is made so small to the point that it can be converted into jewelry. This is why this form is in its infancy and requires a lot of time and research before this goes out onto the market. With that said, the patch is not new technology but utilizing it to fit with the jewelry is brand new which requires plenty of testing. And for jewelry lovers, this is an absolute dream come true. However, for those who don’t understand the purpose of this, the reason that contraceptive jewelry is on the horizon is that this is a good method of contraception for those who are in third world countries that don’t have access to other forms of contraception.


And not to mention, this can also help researchers look into creating forms of remedies in this jewelry form that can help with motion sickness as well as helping those to stop smoking. Just like how the patch for those issues has been administered, but in a jewelry form. Additionally, this form of birth control also will not cause nearly as many unpleasant side effects as most hormonal-based birth control methods do. And, what is also appealing once again about this form of birth control is that it can be changed once a week. There is no need again to worry about changing it once a day at a particular time like you would have to take the pill, or waiting to get pregnant for a long time after coming off another form of birth control once you are ready. Birth control jewelry will not be on the market for a while as it is still in the beginnings of its research phase. However, it is on its way and it is on the horizon. It is an appealing method of birth control as well which will be pleasing to those who are looking for effective and non-invasive birth control methods.

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